Hi, I'm Evan. I make websites that don't suck.

It’s time to solidify your online presence.

Our Signature Package

You can stop looking for a great web developer. You’ve just found one.

Step 1

Work out what you want me to do and how much I’ll need to take from you to make it happen. I accept multiple currencies: AUD, USD or human souls.

Step 2

Jump on the phone with me so I can explain to you the reasons why you’d be silly to get your website done with anyone else… Seriously.

Step 3

I build your website for you. You’re super impressed by my quality service and speed. We fall madly in love, elope and have five beautiful children together. You tell all your friends about how great I am.

Our signature website package starts at $1200 AUD of your hard earned cash.

Everything you see below is included in this price.

Back-End Setup

Don’t have a website at all? No worries. I’ll secure your domain name, set up your cPanel Hosting and sort out your back-end setup. If you do have a website already, I’ll migrate everything to your new site. No stress.

Custom Email Setup

Ever wanted your very own custom email address? Well, I can set this up remotely for you on your own personal computer. No more mucking around with email service providers, just get me to do it.

Beautiful Website

If you like how this website looks (how could you not??), you’re going to love how your new one looks. Integration with your new email address, an easy process and a gorgeous, modern design are just a few of the perks.


Fast turnaround time

From the point when I receive all your content, I’ll have your site done in about 2 weeks from scratch. I’m just that good.


Up to 10 pages of content

Most new businesses won’t need more than this, so if you’re just starting out this will be more than enough.

A super-handsome developer

I’m often told that I’m the most handsome web developer that my friends, family and clients have ever met. True story.

Like the sound of all this?


The word on the street is, we’re pretty good. Here are just a few of the projects we’ve worked on.

Triumph Tutoring

“Evan was amazing to work with. It’s like he knew what I was thinking throughout the whole project. We connected on a deep level and got our website done in a couple of weeks. His promptness and personality made the project a delight, so thank you. I’m very happy with how our website turned out.”

Yes, we’re the same person.

– Evan, Founder of Triumph Tutoring

Engineer Your Business

“After a poor experience with another web designer, Evan’s can-do approach on my website was a breath of fresh air! Evan was innovative and responded brilliantly to whatever challenges I threw at him. I highly recommend Evan’s services to anybody who wants a high quality and affordable website.”

– Mike, Founder of Engineer Your Business

Smart Start Learning

“I worked with Evan to create the website for my private tutoring agency, Smart Start Learning. He was super friendly and easy to work with, and had the site done within a couple of weeks. Thanks Evan!”

– Estelle, Founder of Smart Start Learning

Blue Pear Pantry

“Evan has been the easiest guy to deal with and very efficient. He has a unique way of interpreting my vision and terminology into code and producing a website that is very professional. Absolutely recommend him to anyone wanted a better online presence.”

– Deb, Founder of Blue Pear Pantry

Multicultural Language Centre

“I have worked with so many different website developers over the years, however, Evan is by far the most efficient and reliable.

He is an expert in his field and does whatever it takes to get the job done. He always had suggestions and ideas on how we could solve our website issues and identified automation and other programs to make the business more productive and allow us to alleviate wasted time.

He was always patient with us when we had new tasks, and also shared how we could improve upon our ideas, to get a better overall website experience for our students and for us. There is definitely no one better than Evan!”

– Lili, Founder of Multicultural Language Centre

Nillumbik Tourism & Business Members site

“Evan was a pleasure to deal with. He was informative, patient and very accommodating. He follow our brief to the letter T and some. Very happy to recommend Evan and Websites That Don’t Suck.”

– Kirri, Marketing Manager of Nillumbik Tourism & Business

Why So Sarcastic?

I can hear you asking yourself: “Why is this ‘Evan’ guy so unprofessional and sarcastic?”
Well, because I’m a human just like you.

What’s my deal?

My name’s Evan, and I started Websites That Don’t Suck. Why? Because I’ve been doing freelance web design for a few years and decided that the industry needed a bit of shaking up.

I hate political correctness, I hate unnecessary bullshit professionalism and I love connecting with people on a human level. And I’m very good at creating high-quality websites, quickly.

I run another business as well, a private tutoring agency based in Melbourne. We needed our website redone and I got extremely sick of not knowing who to go to for a high-quality website and great customer service.

I also got sick of emails in my inbox every day from people saying “Your website is great, but let us make it better.”

So, I started my own web development business.

I want to shock you. I want you to see this website and go “Shit, this guy is just a person who wants to build a great website for me for a great price, and he just happens to have a sense of humour.”

Are you shocked?


If you like my sense of humour, and you want a website created, I think we’ll get along fine.

Want me to build your website?

For just a small portion of your life savings, we can have it up and running ASAP.

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